Purchase Guide

A must read if you are seriously considering buying chaga!

Presently if you look around you, in health food stores, there is a frenzy for local products and everyone wants to enjoy the wave.

And if you look closely, you will find cheap medicinal mushrooms. Be vigilant.

Many of these mushrooms come from Eastern Europe or Russia and they still have traces of the Chernobyl incident. And vendors will not tell you!


Quality Medicinal mushrooms from Forestia Zen

Mushrooms should be dried, uncooked. It is important to check to see at what temperature they were dried: no more than 55° Celcius.

top rated Medicinal mushrooms from Forestia Zen

They must be dried and stored in the dark to preserve their vitamins. Light causes dissipation of vitamins. It is for this reason that vitamins containers are opaque color.

Detoxifying Medicinal mushrooms from Forestia Zen

Where were they stored? If they have white spots or smell bad, these are signs of mold: they have been in contact with moisture. Do not buy these mushrooms, no matter what the representative may say. Moisture is a destructive agent.

100% natural Medicinal mushrooms from Forestia Zen

Ask where they came from. Mushrooms are like sponges: they absorb what is in their environment. Being too close to a city or power plant will not produce the best results.

keeping these purchasing tips in mind will ensure a great purchase.

These are the points that ForestiaZen checks before buying any medicinal mushroom. We care about quality so that our clients get the best possible results when using them.

Chaga is not for you if:

  • You seek an instant healing.
  • You think chaga is the solution to all your discomforts.
  • You think you’re going to live longer.