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Forestia Zen’s Reliability

All the products you see or will see on this site have been previously tested by me, Pascal L’Archeveque, Forestia Zen’s President for a minimum period of two months. I will never present you a mushroom that I haven’t used myself in the first place. I am your human guinea pig!

 I have been using medicinal mushrooms since 2010 and here is my experience.


Chaga is easy to prepare and has a slight taste of vanilla: My personal dose is 4 cubes per liter. If you increase the dosage it will only taste more bitter. To counter that you can add a touch of maple syrup of vanilla. I never had any side effects from its usage. As a healthy person the only thing I noticed in the past years is when I caught a cold or a virus, the symptoms are always minimal and they never lasted long 2-3 days max.